Dragons Kingdom

Arrival at Raeth


You awake in the morn, tired, cold and sore. The walls are dark and the wood stained wet, the small lamp in the corners wick has long been worn and used and no light penetrates through the thick lumber walls. You can feel the swaying of the ship in the darkness and suddenly feel the urge to be sick again. The seas of the last two months had been tretcherous. Two major storms had hit them while the ships were out on sea as if the dragons themselves were bashing their wings and kicking up the waters against them. 30 men had passed in the first 2 weeks at sea, 5 of which were knights in full mail that had gone overboard in first few hours. The other knights quickly don their mail for sailer clocks but this didnot prevent them from the seasickness that took many of the crew. The heavy winds and hi waters were cause for the large galley to sway from side-to-side and up and down constantly for days. The bellies of the mens empty and still they were forced to wretch through day and night. Some decided that death was inevidable and jumped into the waters, others finally stopped wretching when they fell asleep not to wake up again.

You look around as your eyes begin to adjust and can see your companions, awakening in the cots next to you. Luckly you never lost any of your own party members but it was close for some and you all realize that it will take a few days on solid land before you are back to full power.

Sitting up for a moment you realize that the swaying of the ship is not as bad as what it has been and that there is a lot more noise above decks then in previous weeks. You and your party make their way up to the bridge deck to see what all the commotion appeared to be about. Opening the door the suddent bright lights of the sun cause you to become suddenly blinded but you quickly adapt and the you then you see it, the shores of Raeth, the great city of the East and sister to Faeth. You look over the ledge and see the oars-men guiding the ship into the docks, working efficiently to bring the massive galley in quickly and smoothly. The city is bustiling with activity, the dockyards teamming with ships loading and unloading of goods, you see a banner fly of the spicers from the south and Slavers of the Northern contents. The colosum on the west side of the city could be seen from anywhere in the city as well as the castles keep in the center of the city. The west side was covered in a giant rockside that was rumoured to be a honeycombo of caves and caverns.



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