Dragons Kingdom

Escape of Faeth

The party retrieved their equipment from the merchant at the market to whom Ben had directed them to but found that when they took possesion of their weapons that there was a strange surge of power eminating from them. The weapons themselves had become Demonbound Weapon and bound to each of them sepeartly.

Notified that the ships leave the Doc’s on Friday the group realizes that they have three days in which to investigate the city and it’s invidual structures.

  • 2 – Ramparts
  • 22 – Nobles Keep
  • 26 – Tiefling whore house
  • 27 – Docks
  • 31 – Market
  • 36 – General whore house
  • 41 – Armory
  • 43 – Bar
  • 51 – Assians Gate
  • 52 – Wizards quarters
  • 63 – Island of the Shards



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