Dragons Kingdom

Gladiator Battle


After his dreadful defeat to Blutai, Ares was sent to the infirmary to recover from his wounds while the rest of the party was escorted to the Gladiator ring to battle for the King.

On their way a half dwarf greeted them and distracted Sarah just enough that Naram took advantage of the opportunity and hit her head knocking her unconscious causing her to be disqualified from the gladiator rings combat.

Open entering the ring the three adventurers approached the Kings landing and saluted appropriately. Naram gave a old-fashioned two fingered solute to the King who look at him peculiarly. Danika approached and gave a general curtsey which bored the King and finally Blutai gave the salute of “We who are about to die solute you” which was the traditional solute of the lands to the west, unrecognized by the king but recognized by his hand servant Marcellio who looked queerly at the group but kept his silence.

The battle began with 6 hybrid dragon born drakes attacking the group, strong in defence by week in power they feel quickly and easily to the trio. However, on their deaths they made sure to strike a blow at the characters with an acidic belch.

The second round found the trio surrounded by Black Skelton Mages, frozen to the core their bones connected by cords of ice. The Skelton Mages gave the trio a hefty fight and nearly killed Danika on multiple occasions but the trio prevailed and defeated the Mages.

The third round had the trio fighting a combination of Assassins and Past Temple Champions. Becoming completely sounded the party found the assassins becoming invisible and moving between them, striking at the weakest movements. The Champions smashing the large long swords, trailing fire, into the breast plates and shields of the trio as they attempted to attack and defend their allies. Suddenly a large acid ball came shooting across the sky and the party barely had time to escape from it’s path. Danika being the last to move out of the way.

Their enemies vanquished the King declared the tournament incomplete. A battle to their deaths was to be their fate and there were still the three of them standing in the ring, therefore three combatants still remained.

Blutai was the first to realize what the king was implying and quickly struck a deal with the near dead Danika and strong a powerful blow against Naram while healing his now partner. Naram, quiet annoyed with the quick treachery of his associates smacked down Danika quickly and decisively. Danika, weakened and near death from the attack barely managed to keep herself from succumbing to her injuries before Blutai proved her with an Ardent Surge, forcing her back to her feet.
Angered by the attack by Naram that had knocked her down and fighting death, Danika hopped up and hit Naram with a Twilight Assassin, which smashed his crystalline skins and knocked him to his knees. Blutai didn’t waste any time putting Danika back into her place and winning the tournament for himself and his party.

As the successors of the tournament the King proclaimed that he was quiet pleased with the outcome and that a great many nights had past since last he saw such a wonderful spectacle of combat and skill. Pleased he graced each of the gladiator combatants with a magical weapon, bound to their souls.

Naram received the “Thought spike Khopesh”
Blutai received the “Great spear of Myrdroon”
Danika received the “Quicksword”
Sarah received the
Ares received the

As the winners of the ring the party was also offered the option of taking the “Crown Jewel of Chessenta” or a stock-pile of gold, the party seemed to fight over the options at first when Blutai smacked them both and put down the law, his law, that he was getting the Crown whether they liked it or not.

Danika further learned how to better to take advantage of her shrouds increasing the damage to d8’s instead of d6’s.

Naram himself learned by studying the archers competition how to send shards from his own body as a basic ranged attack. Allowing him to hit creatures at a range of 5 Attack vs. Fort +Wis + half level with damage of 1d6 + Wis

Upon completion of the battle the party found themselves more powerful than they have ever been before and quickly realized they now had entered the Paragon Path



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