Dragons Kingdom

Lords Conquests


The party doesn’t pay much heed to the ongoings when the Dragon lord flys over their head and take landing upon the Keep of Raeth.
Unaware that the land of Raeth apparently pays tribbute to the dragon lord the party docks at the pier and is immedietly approached by the royal guards of Raeth under orders to bring all land-bound passengers before the Lord Carvos immedietly. The citizens of the community to not find anything odd about this event and continue about their business as if it were a regular everyday occurance.
The party is taken through the pier and then through the market where invidual members notice points of interest within the market themselves.

The assian notices the guild marker on one of the doors within the market.
The shardmind notices that some of his brethern are being sold as gemstones and broaches.
The wizards notices 3 individual magic shops of particular note.

Once brought before the Lord Carvos the party is interigated by the Lord and informed that all persons landing on his land must go through his courts for approval before embarking onto the citizens. The group barily escapes the dungones and with quick tonges find themselves enlisting themselves to complete the Lords demands. Capture the usurpers that can be found at the mystic mountains, find and destroy what his killing his troups in the westerdly rock and firstly participate in his tournment, which the gladiator championship purse being valued at 30 thousand gold coins. Kolvak, Lord Carvos’ steward, is featched to obtain the death tomb for the party; which will dictate those that the Lord wishes dead or captured, scallped for proof if killed.

After exicting the Hall the party begins to study the names on the tomb.

  1. Ko’sault ok garoth – Assisin
  2. Blaine – Lord of Faeth
  3. Lord Padre – Lord of Winterhaven
  4. Blutai – Lord of Castle Ridgeton
  5. Danika – Squire of Raeth
  6. Sparticus – Varmaren Lordship
  7. Sarah – Magi of the ?

As the name of Sarah is read of the she leaps at takes the tomb from Blutai and annonces that there appear to be no more names on the list and stoes it away.

The party than embark for the tournament and join the lists, each working towards the practiced arts. As they enlist they quickly realize that using their real names may not be appropriate, especially since they appeared on the death tomb from Lord Carvos.

Blaine (James) – Dreket
Danika (Lisa) – Lena
Sarah (Lyndsay) – Aferdite

With the tournament stated Blutai (called Dreket) competed against the previous winner, the Fire Temple Champion and defeted him in a near-flawless victory.
Sparticus (Romulis) was to challenge Narm in a quick and easily won match where Sparticus first attempted to flee, but Royal guards threatened the dungeons for him if he were to registere and than NOT compete.
The Dragon Keeper challenged Ares and was defeted in a close but impressive battle by both combatants.

The first stage completed Narm then competed in a deadly close battle against Ares who was called the Executioner. After a long combat in which drained both combatants of their powers and health Ares came out as the winner.

The battle against Ares and Blutai was not quiet as formiddable as was hopped and Blutai quickly took the combat tournment in his hand.

Dannika combatted Takaran Assian in the ranged combat only competition. Another close battle that saw two assisians putting the metal to their steal, going in and out of the visible range during the compeition. Dannika barely made it out alive, but still she managed to win and take the ranged combat championship.

Sarah combated a similar grey handed mage and easily defeted the mage who was out of it’s element, unable to use it’s weapon based magic powers.

Now all that is left is the Gladiator ring.



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