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The adventures begin in the Nentire Vale, in the city of Fairhaven where the individuals met one another. The party proceeded to the tombes in search of the Oracle who gave them insights into each of they potentional paths, warning them of the dangers that would be present and that in alluding to certain conditions were certain skills would fail to work.

The party was then suddenly dazed and they all fell into a state on unconciousness. The Shared mind, Naram, was particullary disturbed by the experience having not the need to sleep and therefore never experiencing unconciousness before.

When the party awoke they found themselves in Baldovia without Shale, it had appeared that the Oracle had teleported the party to the transition city between the Nentire Vale and the Dragons Kingdom.

The area was immedietly recognized by two party members; Ares and his lord Blutai whos family once ruled the lands and village they were in. They were immedietly graced with blessings and good fortunes by the villages who recognized their true and rightful Lord upon his appereance. Little did any of them know that by openly giving their alligence to Blutai that they would seal their own destruction.

The party left Beldovia and proceeded towards Castle Ridgeton, the castle of Blutais grandfather King Salcore the ruler of the Salconar Kingdom. Sent away from the Castle by his father when just a young lad over 4 score ago with his fathers most trustworhty Master-At-Arms, Ares, the two both returned to find a land that they did not recognize, a land destoryed and savaged, it’s people enslaved and their will broken.

The Castle sat in Ruins, possed by a Skull Lord and his minions the party worked their way through to re-claim the castle for the right file owner and lord. Many interesting discoveries were made while in the process.
Blutai discovered that the Skull Lord was his re-incarnated father by way of the royal emblem on the crown upon the its heads.
Naram obtained a gnome that purches itself regularly upon his shoulder and shouting insults at most everyone it meets.
Content Not Found: nala realized that it was her family that had assinated Blutais father after the death of the King Salcore
The entire party felt the pressence of one of the Oracles misgivings of fortune, feeling drained when they came into contact with a great mist the drained the power from their magical weapons but appeared to expanded any blast ranges and a strange force of nature that caused metal and steel to be drawn down quickly to the ground.

The party eventually managed to regain the castle and returned to Baldovia to discouver that it had been sacked. Tracks from a many creature could be found leading south from Baldovia and upon closer inspection it was noted that some appeared to be from smaller dragons.

The party followed the tracks, detouring first to Faeth where they were instructed to find and save the party that had been sent to the Abandoned Mines to repair the bridge. Warned that they had seen a horde travel south past Faeth towards the Abandoned Mines from the direction of Balvodia. The party quickly made their way to the mines, rescued all of the workers and returned them to city after which they returned to investigate the mines at great peril.

The mines were swarming with a variety of draconic creatures, and the party soon realized that this was not an abandoned mine but a dragon breading pit but the discovery was made to late. Gwydion had picked up one of the unhatched eggs and instantly became possed by the mines dragon inhabitant which forced him to draw the party deeper and deeper into the mine. Eventually the party came upon the Necromancer dragon landed upon their location, playing with the party letting them have a few pittiful attempts to injure it the dragon finally turned killed each of them.

Many days later the party finds themselves in a dream like state, completely and uterly alone. Each faces it fears within their dream state to eventually to find each other and escape the nightmare they were in. The party awakens to find themselves in a room in the city of Faeth, to whom an individual named Ben introdcues himself as the one who retrieved them from the mines and brought them back to his home.
However, the party discovers that they have all been marked, a mark cursed and feared by most people in a civilized society and that their weapons have also been enshrouded with a odd curse that can never be dismissed.
Deciding to travel accross the seas the party learns that the boat leaves 3 days and takes the opportunity to investigate the city.



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