Duke Genghis

Father of Blutai, Son of Salcore


Son of King Salcore of the Salconar Kingdom, Genghis was deemed Duke of Raeth when he reached the traditional age of 27.

Heir to the thrown upon King Salcore’s death or retirement, Genghis ever a dilligent and wise leader. Maintain, like his father, a steady but appropriate tax upon his citizens and strict overview of the legal regulations within his lands. The city of Raeth had been the stepping stone to the Kingship for over 20 generations and was considered the most difficult city to maintain order in. Those that showed they were not cable of doing so would be expected to withdraw their right to the Kingship and relinquish the Dukedom to their next appropriate Heir.

6 score years, Genghis had proved that he was able to not only maintain the powerful city but help it build even stronger then possibly immagined. Responsible for the opening of trade relations with the Tower of Mystics showed the first signs of peace between the two groups of civilizations in over 500 years.

On the day of the Great Battle in which his father lead the troups of Salconar to battle with the dreadful dragon lord Genghis was managing the fleets in Raeth to allow for an organized departure after the word of success came to the city.

However, the news never came of success. Instead the shows of the dragon lord appeared suddenly overhead and the city came under siege by the dragons horde, hunderds of thousands of undead resurected troups and dragons of all ilk came against the city. On the earliest days of the Siege Genghis took a few of the fastest ships in the fleet and returned to Faeth, shortly before departing the word had came that the King had been slain.

Upon landing at Faeth Genghis was quickly taken to the Royal Court and sworn in as the new King. At the coronation a profit appeared declaring that Genghis’ kingship would be short lived and that his first son, Blutai, would one day be able to destory the Dragon Lord but not for a many score of years yet and that on the Day of Reckoning they would be approached by a group of adventures who would pursue an Oracle.
Therefore, Genghis’ first act as King was to send his loyal Master-at-Arms Ares off to the land of the Nentire Vale with his son [[:blutai | Blutai], to live quietly and not draw much attention to themselves until the day they received the signs and would return and slay the Dragon Lord.

Duke Genghis

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