Demonbound Weapon

The players weapon in bound to the Dragon demons power

weapon (melee)

The wielders weapon is bound to the dragon lord and causes the attack to do extra damage to nearby creatures when the user loses partial control of the weapon or damage to themselves when they total lose control of the power surging through it.

Trigger: Attacker roles, before any modifiers, a one (1), two (2), or three (3)
Effect: The attacker roles the percentage die.

  • Even role: The weapon/ammunication explodes with it’s power and does 5 + weapon modifier necrotic damage to any bloodied creature within Burst 1 of the target.
  • Odd role: The weapons power overcharges on the attacker and causes a 5 + weapon modifier damage to themself

Note: This damage can not be prevented in any way


Demonbound Weapon

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