The hub city between the Nantire valley.

A small villiage built within the mountain ranges of Dawnforge Mountains that seperated the Salconar Kingdom from the Nentire Vale it is the only place that travelers can easily access to travel between the two lands without traveling over and through the desolate and large mountain ranges.

The adventures found themselves traveling through Baldovia on the travels from the Nentire Vale and found the place small and quiet but also homely. A simple village with a basic inn and a horse master to care and shoe the horses and other mounts of travellers.

After the travellers leave Baldovia and head north to Castle Ridgeton the city is attacked by underlings of the dragon lord and many of the villagers are eaten by the hungry dragons and the rest are dragged south to their lair.

The travelers return to Balovia to find it desollated and not a soul left alive within the village. They buildings are torchered, the old inn in shambles and nothing but horse shoes left of the mounts. The walls of the mountain pass itself have even collapsed in and hunderes of foot prints can be seen leading from the village to the south towards Faeth.


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