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The land of the Dragons Kingdom is located east of the Nentire Vale through the Dawnforge Mountains has become a land of terror and mistrust. Originally known as the Salconar Kingdom the lands fell slowly to the hideous dragon lord who hailed from the Yefar Mountains. The lords of the land had little option but to surrender themselves to the will of the dragon lord, many became slaves to the dragon lord, doing it’s bidding and commands. However, others dared to fight against the enslavement of the dragon lord. King Salcore, grandfather to Blutai quickly took the lead in the battle marching 15 thousand score of troops to the fields of the Yefar Mountains. The battle did not last long and the dragon lord made quick work of the assault but before it was ended it made sure to resurrect the strongest of the fighters, including King Salcore himself, turning them into necrotic versions of themselves.

Now the whole of the lands are under the control of the dragon lord, who is known only as Whiro who has destroyed without mercy any civilization that has shown any sign of rising against it. The people fear its wrath are tend to drive away or execute any persons who speak against the dragon lord in fear of it destorying their homes.

Our Story so far.
04/30/2011 * Starting our campaign
05/22/2011 * Escape of Faeth
06/05/2011 * Escape from Faeth
08/28/2011 * Arrival at Raeth
09/11/2011 * Lords Conquest
20/11/2011 * Gladiator Battle


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