The City of Raeth, ruled by the King of the West has always sworn fealty to the Kings of Ridgeton but never truely provided that fealty to the Kingdom. Hub to the tradders of North and South it’s lords and Kings have always felt they were meant to serve nobody but themselves, but for the sake of peace had always bowed to the might from Ridgeton.

That was until the day of Content Not Found: thecomming, in which the dragon lord stole from the sky the suns of life and drank joy from the seas. The leaders of Raeth quickly realized that if they didn’t pledge themselves to the dragon lords that it was likely the city would be destroyed. King Raven was in his council chambers the day word came from the west that Castle Ridgeton had fallen to the dragon lords and that Blutai, heir to Ridgeton and the Kingship for the whole of the lands, had appeared to have disappeared.

With the true king gone and the dragon now with sites on Raeth Raven had nothing else to do but pledge fealty to the dragon lords so that Raeth and it’s citizens may be left in peace.

Decades later Raeth still stood and seen three Kings itself, each pledging it’s fealty to the dragon lords and each harder and more stern than the one before.

The land of Raeth was now the main hub for industry and trade on the western coast. Slavers often visited and make havoc of the whore houses where the Spicers left the whores so high strunk the slavers would not be able to keep up were they to visit at the same time. Dragons venome was often saught by the Black mages, who travelled the markets with impurtiy because of their connection to the rise of hte dragon lords themselves. Strange deaths were common place within the city walls and often connections were made to the assassians guild. However, more often then naught, once the city guard started to get to close to which of the guild was behind the killing their commander would suddenly vanish. Sometimes he would appear hanging upside down by his toes in the Forest of Skarmont, other time his head would appear on spike at the front gates when the portculis was lifted by the morning watch. After many similar events the guard stopped investigats when the guild was implicated and suddenly the commanders managed to keep their heads and necks.


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